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Who’s Your Competition?

Your peers, your contemporaries, the people who are biting at your heels, reminding you that all is fair in art and war? “Middle Ground: A Conversation in Stone” (2018) by Sophie Drouin and…

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Undercover Roosters and The Nature of Truth

I have had thirteen hens in my flock since late last summer. Every time I say that sentence out loud I am sure to knock on some nearby wood, as any chicken keeper knows that thirteen can turn to…

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Cats Who Take Walks

My cats are outliers. I’m not sure if I have created their strange habits or if they were born with an out of the ordinariness.  They take long walks with me. Smithon watching Luce far ahead…

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Blue Ice: An Origin Story

It was 1983 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania and I was 13 years old. My little world was full of sticker collecting, exploring the boundaries of the farm and stretching into my identity. I was…

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The In-Between Art

We live in a world where a strong opinion, on just about anything, can get a person into all kinds of trouble.  Approaching the decade of being halfway to dead, as my man so eloquently puts it,…

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How to contribute art to The Ruins Project without actually being there

My heart is full of gratitude as I write this. Artists from all over the world are taking steps to be a part of something bigger than themselves by contributing to the walls of The Ruins Project…

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Once Upon a Time…

“Artist Transforms Abandoned Coal Plant Through Mosaic” by Adelina Lancianese - June 6, 2018 ​A few weeks ago, The Ruins Project was fortunate to welcome NPR 2017 Kroc Fellow, Adelina…

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The Watchwoman

Written by an artist who is building her business on The Great Allegheny Passage. The Great Allegheny Passage passes right by my front door. I love bikers. They fascinate me. The day…

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