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Congdamento: Another lesson in what mosaic can be…

I have recently returned from what was possibly the hardest vacation I have ever had the good fortune to survive. It wasn’t really a vacation at all. The little village of Cong, Ireland, witnessed…

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Walking the line…online

​I hate to travel. It wasn’t always this way. My family loves to point out all of my red dots on the map from years of teaching and travel… Ireland, China, most of Western Europe, Czech Republic,…

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What is possible in mosaic?

“Political Statement” (2016) The easy answer is everything. Some artists who work in this medium choose to not identify as mosaic artists, probably for a few reasons. Firstly, choosing a…

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Time and tide wait for no man…or woman

I find myself racing to keep up with the momentum that is 2016 at Rachel Sager Mosaics. Some days I can only sit back in wonder at the heady mix of renovation, visiting travelers, studio work,…

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On the nature of shape

I got a D in geometry when I was in the 11th grade. Being a moderately bright, well-meaning student, this black spot carried some serious shock value for both me and my parents. I wasn’t in the…

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Can the line make you a better person?

“The Cape of Cod” (2013) What’s the big deal about this word that we mosaicists seem to endlessly obsess over? Andamento. Look it up and you will find lots of oblique definitions that…

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Groundbreakers and good books

A reader knows she’s read a good book when it leads her to another book. That little shiver of surprise that she feels when an author or a character refers to another writer or another book;…

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Independence 2015: A Mosaic Symposium

What exactly is a symposium anyway? The Greeks invented it. One definition that I like is: an event that provided liberation from everyday restraints within a carefully regulated environment.…

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