SAMA 2018, Congdamento, American Animal Series and other updates…

Check out my latest work and other portfolio updates…

A total of 390 mosaics ranging in dimensions from 3”x3” to 12”x24” within a structure that is 18’x23’x9’, stone and glass

I just touched down in Boston, MA for the Society of American Mosaic Artists annual conference and all thoughts are turned to reunions with like-minded makers. If you are one of the lucky attendees, don’t miss me, et. al. on stage for “Place, partnerships, and pathways: Weaving mosaics and architecture in an Irish forest” this Saturday at 1pm.

2018 Best Architectural & Site-Specific Mosaic Fishers of Men Manannán mac Lir Mosaics: Spirit of Place – Ireland. Mosaic Design and Installation by Meghan Walsh, Rachel Sager, Julie Sperling, Deb Englebaugh, Lee-Ann Taylor; Spirit of Place Design/Travis Price Architects.

This is a great time to check out all the updates and improvements to the site.

Happy St Patrick’s Day from Boston! Slainte…


___________________ American Animal

“American Fence Lizard - East” (2018)

The animal silhouettes that make up this series are deceivingly simple with clear lines and tons of personality. Most are made with true black smalti and whimsical background colors. Some exceptions are made to communicate a piece’s animal-ness. This is mosaic art that feels good in your hands.

Prices range from $175-$500 depending on size and frame choice.

Here’s your chance to buy affordable art from a living artist!

…in Vintage Glass Molds from Jeanette Glass Factory

These beautiful vintage glass molds from the now defunct Jeannette Glass Factory in Jeannette, Pennsylvania  are each unique in color and size and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Frames range from 8” in diameter to 10”.

American Animal in EZ Metal Frames

EZ frames from Wit’sEnd Mosaics measure 4” x 4” and are the most affordable of this series.

…in Hand-hammered Industrial Brass Rings

A lucky find of a pile of brass industrial rings at the scrap yard turned into one of my favorite new ways to build distinctive but simple circular frames. Each ring is hammered by hand on my porch, polished with the grinder wheel and affixed with hanging hardware. Brass frames range 6” in diameter to 8”.

I want updates about Sager Mosaics!

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