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Help bring Sasquatch to The Ruins Project

Become a part of The Sasquatch Project by helping an award-winning artist create a true to life rendering, in mosaic, of the most famously infamous of all mysterious creatures.

Did you know that the state of Pennsylvania ranks third in the US for its number of Sasquatch sightings? And that our very own Fayette County is one of the top regions for Sasquatch activity? I didn’t either.

But after learning this, I decided to dive into some additional research. What I found surprised me.

The Youghiogheny River bottom is a very squatchy region. Dating back several hundred years, natives who hunted and fished this area of the river shared stories of competing with hostile Sasquatch groups.

The Whitsett area, in particular, was a popular footpath during seasonal migration patterns and rut season. There is speculation that the shallow, swift nature of The Yough is still very attractive to Sasquatch families for mid-river night fishing.

Sasquatch and natives
Sightings dropped off abruptly around 1900. Once the Pittsburgh Coal Company began opening bituminous slope mines, the industrial nature of the area likely disrupted the sensitive Sasquatch environment.

After the coal mines closed and the coke ovens were abandoned, the land began to heal and, only recently, sightings have taken a sharp uptick. The coke ovens, in particular, seem to be a popular hibernation space due to their cave-like interiors and secluded settings. The most recent sightings have been of a juvenile Sasquatch standing approximately five feet tall. It is reported to run with two coyotes on the steep hillsides between Wickhaven and VanMeter. Locals speculate that the coyotes coexist with the Sasquatch as pets or perhaps work together in hunting drives. In the summer of 1998, this juvenile rreportedly took an ATV quad from a Van Meter residents yard and dragged it into the woods. He then rolled it down the embankment and into the river. Amazingly, the entire encounter was caught on film.

Unfortunately, the footage was lost in a basement flooding before the family could go public. A local university is pursuing grant money to further document and perform research in the area.

In the spirit of this strong Bigfoot energy, we at Sager Mosaics
have made the exciting decision to hire an award-winning and
internationally known mosaic artist to build Sasquatch to scale at The Ruins. Yulia Hanansen is a second-generation artist , born in Russia and raised in the foothills of The Pamir Mountains, which are next to the mighty Himalayas. She now lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland, but she remembers fondly her searches for The Yeti as a child. Yulia’s work centers around nature, climate-change, the cosmos and how we, as humans connect to those things. She is the perfect artist to take on this seven-foot tall challenge.

Yulia Hanansen: Artist of The Sasquatch ProjectWe hope that Yulia’s bespoke rendering of this most elusive of
creatures will not only honor but also help attract The Real McCoy as time marches on a The Ruins. She will be using dozens of shades of stained glass from Youghiogheny Glass factory in Connellsville, PA and will build most of it in her home studio on big pieces of mesh. The finished Sasquatch will be installed on a pre-chosen wall in the early summer of 2020.

SasqswatchesThe Ruins Project was once a coal mine and is now a giant cement
canvas for mosaic art that tells the story of American coal history.
Artists from all over the world are contributing their talents to its walls and it has become a destination for history, art, and nature.

We carefully choose one project per year at The Ruins to give the world an opportunity to sponsor the history-making work being done on these walls. Most Ruins artists work for the love of it but we have many expenses. Your donation will be split 50/50 between the artist and The Ruins and will go directly towards material, time, travel expenses, maintenance and upkeep of The Ruins.

You can refer to our last project of this kind, The Great Train
by Stevo Sadvary as testament to our past success.

Donations of $20 and more will reserve you and a guest a complementary tour of The Ruins. Donations of $100 and more will secure your name incorporated artistically into the art installation that will be seen by travelers from all over the world from The Great Allegheny Passage Bike Trail.

For more information on The Ruins Project and how it works

Keep it squatchy!

Donate to the cause here.

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