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Inspiring excellence in the fine art of mosaic

Intuitive Malmischiato  thumbnail
Intuitive Malmischiato

Learn how to create your very own Filati and Malmischiato colors in this introductory course.

Intuitive Malmischiato 2.0 thumbnail
Intuitive Malmischiato 2.0

Up your filati game! Start making more precise recipes of color.

Intuitive Composition thumbnail
Intuitive Composition

A simple course for the self-taught mosaicist that breaks down the elements of composition into bite-sized chunks.

Intuitive Andamento 1.0 thumbnail
Intuitive Andamento 1.0

Learn the secrets to building pathways of expression through Intuitive Andamento

Intuitive Andamento 2.0 thumbnail
Intuitive Andamento 2.0

Refine your voice as an artist. Evolve your andamento into a more elegant form of communication.

Bundled Course: Intuitive Andamento 1.0 and 2.0 thumbnail
Bundled Course: Intuitive Andamento 1.0 and 2.0

Purchase Intuitive Andamento 1.0 & 2.0 with Rachel Sager and save $50

The Earth as Your Shopping Cart thumbnail
The Earth as Your Shopping Cart

Become a foraging mosaicist by using only the earth beneath your feet.

Printlandia thumbnail

Discover new ways of using one of the world’s oldest art forms.