Intuitive Malmischiato 1.0

Intuitive Malmischiato is a revolutionary technique that blends the mystery of classical Italian micro mosaic making with the innovation of the contemporary mosaic movement.

Malmischiato, which translates from the Italian to badly mixed or poorly mixed, gives the artist infinite power to mix color inside very small pieces of tesserae.

Filati is the Italian word for thread.

Threads, sometimes called stringers, can be purchased or made from scratch using smalti as raw material. This course invites you to use either option, or both, in your adventures with the tiniest of tesserae.

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Thank you Rachel and Mosaic Arts Online for these excellent classes. You have done the mosaic community a great service.

Teresa S. - MAO student
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Course takeaways

Learn to mix colors and create color shading with the smallest unit that mosaic can be

One of the limitations built into the medium of mosaic has always been that the “pieces of things”, whether they be stone, glass or ceramic, are inert. Color mixing in our medium has been and is normally achieved, within the composition by placement of tesserae. This placement creates the illusion of color shading and color mixing to the eye. With Intuitive Malmischiato, you be able to transcend this limitation.

Start creating your very own color library

You will be introduced to the tools of the trade, which are surprisingly simple. You will learn how to create your own personal filati color library.

In this course, I will also show you how to cut beautiful threads down and set them into some sample mosaics using apoxie sculpt.

Invite the power of fire into your studio

This color mixing is achieved by changing the very nature of smalti through fire with simple and easy to use tools.

Tap into your primordial attraction to fire

In this modern world, we don’t need fire, but we are instinctually attracted to it. This course will tap into your innate fire memory and help you to turn that attraction into art.

Become confident and comfortable using a hand- held torch

You will learn tips and tricks of torch etiquette and safety. I will lead you through the steps of flamework, which simply means melting and manipulating glass with a torch.

Learn about filati and malmischiato even if you choose to purchase it instead of making your own

If you don’t have access to a torch, this course will be a great introduction to working with filati. I will share with you how to cut, lay, and create micro mosaic with apoxie sculpt.

Start creating your own color library today!

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About Rachel Sager

Rachel works on the cutting edge of the contemporary mosaic fine art movement. Her commitment to the classical language of mosaic paired with her intuitive andamento style has shaped a strong voice in the mosaic world. Rachel brings classical techniques to the “Here and Now” of the American mosaic movement.

Whether she is digging into the earth of her native Pennsylvania or traveling the world as a teacher and speaker, her mission to “build the line” in mosaic continues to inspire new generations of mosaicists.

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You will be introduced to the tools of the trade, The Torch.

Create a personal filati color library with your very own style of filati and malmischiato.

Learn how to intuitively pull the long threads of filati and malmischiato.

Learn how to cut and lay the micro mosaic you just created.

Make better intuitive decisions about what color to mix with another in the crucible.

Learn how to set threads into sample mosaics using apoxie sculpt.

What you will learn from this course

Fire it up!