The Earth as Your Shopping Cart

Cut out the middle man and create a direct connection with the earth.

Become a foraging mosaicist!

In this unique online course, Rachel Sager, The Forager Mosaicist, takes you with her into the field as she forages for stone. First, in her native home - rural Pennsylvania; and then in parts unknown (to her) - Big Bear Lake, California. After taking this course you will realize that you don’t ever need to buy another product. Everything you need is right under your feet!

What people are saying:

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I’m glad our paths first crossed during your teaching years. I wouldn’t be where I am without your good influence.

Julie Sperling - Kitchener, ONTARIO
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What you will learn:

When to forage

Find out when are the best times to forage for your raw material

Tricks for sourcing

You will learn Rachel’s tricks of the trade for sourcing, categorizing, cutting, and implementing raw stone into the expressive language of andamento

Learn the Forager’s Philosophy

Watch as Rachel breaks down, both in idea and practice, each find from the field

Make better material choices

This is the first online mosaics course to take you out of the studio and into the field. Watch as an artist makes decisions on why some rocks work and others are best left where you found them.

This content-rich course has the power to transform your artistic practice

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Meet the instructor, Rachel Sager

Rachel works on the cutting edge of the contemporary mosaic fine art movement. Rachel’s commitment to the classical language of mosaic paired with her intuitive andamento style has shaped a strong voice in the mosaic world. She brings these classical techniques home to the “here and now” of the present American mosaic movement. Rachel proudly hails from the foothills of Appalachia and passionately preserves her storytelling, hillbilly roots as she weaves the colorful tales of family, nature, self-reliance, humor, and the legacy of coal through the lens of mosaic. Whether she is digging into the earth of her native Pennsylvania or traveling the world as a teacher and speaker, her mission to “build the line” in mosaic continues to inspire new generations of mosaicists.

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Out in the field, gain a deeper understanding of how a foraging mosaicist makes decisions about materials

Back in the studio, watch as Rachel breaks down the raw material and shows you what works and what doesn’t

Learn Rachel’s tricks for sourcing, categorizing, cutting raw stone and transforming it into expressive art

Become a foraging mosaicist today!

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