Small art and jewelry

A balance of the precious and the humble.
Coal, shale, stone and red dog. A color library of vintage Italian glass, sterling silver, hammered copper,
and 24 karat gold.
Sager jewelry pieces are conversation starters. To wear one is to carry a tiny story around with you.

Micro-mosaic jewelry
All My Days Ring  thumbnail
All My Days Ring


Blue and White Cottage pendant  thumbnail
Blue and White Cottage pendant


Imaginary Animal Pendant  thumbnail
Imaginary Animal Pendant


Imaginary Animal Vertical Pendant thumbnail
Imaginary Animal Vertical Pendant


Imaginary Animals Kissing Pendant  thumbnail
Imaginary Animals Kissing Pendant


Irish pingin coin pendant  thumbnail
Irish pingin coin pendant


Irish Stag Coin Pendant  thumbnail
Irish Stag Coin Pendant


Made in England Earrings  thumbnail
Made in England Earrings


Spode Picassiette Pendant  thumbnail
Spode Picassiette Pendant


Taganite and Hammered Copper Pendant  thumbnail
Taganite and Hammered Copper Pendant


Pocket Mosaic
American deer thumbnail
American deer


Angel wing frame thumbnail
Angel wing frame


Bike mosaic thumbnail
Bike mosaic


Biking Through Gold  thumbnail
Biking Through Gold


Tiny hand-carved canoes thumbnail
Tiny hand-carved canoes


Iron ore pellets thumbnail
Iron ore pellets


Marcellus shale needles thumbnail
Marcellus shale needles


Red dog rock thumbnail
Red dog rock


In Her Studio magazine (Winter 2018-19) thumbnail
In Her Studio magazine (Winter 2018-19)


Sager Mosaics notebook thumbnail
Sager Mosaics notebook


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