Sasquatch at The Ruins

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On Alligators and Institutions

As Robert was installing an old metal furnace grate onto a wall at The Ruins, I had a flash memory from childhood. Growing up in The Mon Valley, a place that, by the 1980’s had already begun…

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The Allegory of The Truthseeker

She first came to me in 2005 in a dark massage room. Not quite fully formed, but with many of her elements intact. I had been deep into reading Plato’s Allegory of The Cave and Montaigne’s Essays,…

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Mosaic is the Most Powerful Medium in the World

The title to this piece came to me in the shower this week. There must be something about the hot steam that brings out ideas. It happens often enough that I’ve come to smile as they appear above…

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Trains, trails, history and a WQED Documentary

Coal history in America is an animal unto itself and its chock full of stories, music, culture, tragedy, legacy and heartache.

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WQED Documentary Premiere, “The Great Ride” featuring in small part, The Ruins Project

The Great Ride Documentary highlights The Ruins Project in Southwestern PA on the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath

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The Biggest Window in the World

(Above photo by freelance video producer Anita Harnish) My father told me a story today about when he tried to open the biggest window in the world. This window, he explained, was 680 miles long…

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Who’s Your Competition?

Your peers, your contemporaries, the people who are biting at your heels, reminding you that all is fair in art and war? “Middle Ground: A Conversation in Stone” (2018) by Sophie Drouin and…

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